Saturday, May 20, 2006

Been a while

If anyone does ever look at this page, I'm sorry that its been like two months since I've posted anything. These have been like two of the longest months ever, in terms of school. Especially when in the last two months you turn in two projects, three 6-8 page papers, and four 12-15 page papers. But thats over so hopefully I will actually post something occassionally now. Plus I got a little burnt out on the Founder's site. They aren't much for conversation with people, who aren't calvinist... I'll probably actually be the object of conversation on a up coming blog for saying that but oh well. Anyways a great site for real discussion is I highly recommend it for quality conversation, with genuinely constructive critiquing. I've enjoyed the posts I've commented on thoroughly there. Well, I'll see if I have anything profound to say later.