Thursday, March 30, 2006

I was on The Founders Ministry Blog last night reading some of the online debates that people were discussing over the way Baptist have lost their drive and seemingly their ability to evangelise. These are the two posts I made.

1. Why is it that when it comes to debates over the nature of salvation, we always find it necessary to create this false dichotomy within the salvation process? Could it not be both that God calls us and we choose him. I mean throughout the Gospel of John (which if you look seems to be the most developed gospel theologically) the author states that we have been chosen of God and two sentences later charges us with having chosen God. It is a mystery, and one that this student of theology gladly accepts as unfathomable, yet entirely necessary.
And not to pick a fight, but was God's first command really to save? Or should we not believe that his first command was more like the one command that he told us to keep above all others? Love. Love God first and with all that we have, and then love our neighbors as well as we love ourselves. The goal of the incarnation, and even more so creation, it seems is love because in love is God most glorified. I mean if God is glorified in us doing his will, and his will is for us to love him, then it God's love that should be most glorified not his sovereignty.

2. A lot of the comments on this post talked about the need for the evangelical revivals of the past and the great preaching that accompanied them, but it seems we need to ask ourselves what those events accomplished and whether or not they are the answer. My point is this that even though those events were grand and made a great impact on our society they did little in forming true followers of Christ that are adept in not only being saved but also in saving (by the way can one really be a follower of Christ and not follow Christ, interesting thought). It seems that if you want to make a forever kind of impact, not only on one's immediate surroundings, but on the relationships of the people of the world with God, then one must teach them who God is and who we are in relation to him, and MOST importantly give them a reason to follow him. If we don't lead by example then we won't have anyone to lead. I mean this is what the numbers are saying. Guess what it is we need? It's theology. Theology is what makes or breaks the church and if we want people to know God then we have to tell them who he is, because they have to know who he is, not just believe he exists, before they act, much less tell someone who he is. So let's stop all this talk of grand revivals that give people experiences and let's start giving them relationships.

Let me know what you think.


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Your stuff is good. Keep it up and do more.

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