Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here is another assertion that I made in reply to another post made to day on the Founders Ministry blog, which discussed the failure of the SBC to create a church that is based on more than political conservativism...

As a born and bred Baptist, the son of Southern Baptist Missionaries and a student of theology at a Baptist college, I have a hard time with my denomination at its present point. Instead of Baptist leaders advocating continuing the theological quests of the past generations, our present leadership is more concerned with implementing the theological fundamentalism that so many Baptist disagreed with at its outset in the late 19th century. Why should we hold a position that does not hold water but merely the desire for the ignorance of the populace that the control of the leadership may be maintained.
Someone tell me that I'm wrong. If you can I would be glad to know in what way you can argue for a view of Christianity that puts no faith in the traditions from which it came and worships a book as the Word of God rather than the Incarnate Son of God. Please tell me I am wrong, I could only hope that it was I who was wrong rather than the majority of the denomination which I have loved my whole life.


Blogger J. Gray said...

I suppose I will be the first person to make a comment on your blog.

I think you have missed the point, and given away your theological bias, when you make the statement that people "worship a book".

Is that what is going on? Or are you perhaps misunderstanding and misrepresenting people?

Do you really think that people who believe the Bible is actually God's Word, and thus actually is free from error, do not love the incarnate Son of God??? (That IS what you said, isn't it?)

How do you even know the incarnate Son of God, if it were not for a "book"? That "book" isn't merely a book, is it? Surely you haven't fallen for that lie.

- JG

PS - I don't quite understand your point about traditions. Maybe you could elaborate so I can either agree or disagree.

12:07 PM, April 04, 2006  
Blogger DrK said...

Dear Friend,
You need to rethink.
Dr. K

8:27 AM, April 21, 2006  

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